Why HCG for men?” As men age testosterone production declines and this has been identified as the major event underlying the male menopause otherwise known as Andropause. Loss of sex drive or erectile dysfunction, loss of energy and stamina, decreased muscle and bone, feeling tired all the time, weight gain, insomnia and depression are typical symptoms caused by a testosterone deficiency in men. Testosterone boosters and testosterone replacement therapy can help alleviate symptoms caused by low testosterone levels.

What causes the commencement of the actual drop in male testosterone levels is still not clear. Some medical studies suggests that that the simply testes switch off, others indicate that the pituitary gland located in the brain produces less stimulating hormones that encourage the testes to manufacture testosterone. A man’s hormonal health is closely tied to his testosterone levels. When a man discovers that he has “Low T”, a low testosterone level that is adversely impacting his health, a male hormone replacement therapy program with bio-identical or natural testosterone should be considered to boost testosterone back up to normal levels. This is where HCG therapy can help.

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