Symptoms of Anxiety

In addition to the worrisome thoughts that accompany anxiety, physical symptoms may also begin to develop as the body prepares for confrontation. The heart begins pounding and the blood pressure increases to supply the major muscle groups with oxygenated blood. The immune and digestive systems are suppressed, as they are not needed for fighting or fleeing. Outward, the skin may pale and become sweaty, the hands may tremble, and the pupils may dilate. If sustained, the person may feel nausea, dizziness, choking, muscle pain , and shortness of breath. The onset of these symptoms may be quite sudden, lending to the term “panic attack.” Not all those that suffer from anxiety have panic attacks. Some with constant low levels of anxiety instead suffer from chronic feelings of fatigue, and experience the other symptoms during times of more intense stress. Chronic sufferers of anxiety may also develop particular behavioral patterns to avoid the things that seem to trigger their attacks.

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