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Financial Policy

Thank you for considering us as your health care provider. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for you, and we want you to completely understand our financial policies.

We request a valid credit card number to reserve the appointment for most office visits and services.

Your initial 15 minute consultation is free of charge! This visit is to see if our Center is the appropriate place, and to determine the best path in your journey to wellness!

Patient Costs and Fees
Unlike typical doctor visits which can be very short, initial visits at our office are very long as the doctor’s goal is to fully understand your issues and then prepare a protocol and treatment plan to help resolve the underlying cause of your problems.

Before starting any treatment or testing we encourage you to speak to one of our staff members for a complete breakdown of costs associated with your health care needs.

Please call 307-733-2950 for details and scheduling.

Payment Policy
Payment is due at the time of service unless arrangements have been made in advance. We accept credit cards , cash or checks.

Cancellation Policy
As a courtesy, if you need to cancel an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. If you cancel with less than48 hours’ notice, or if you miss your appointment time.

Insurance & Filing Instructions
Insurance Policy: Our Center generally does not participate in insurance plans or networks. The fee for our services is due at the time of the office visit. Many insurance and managed care companies will reimburse you for your office visit fees or provide coverage for the treatments we offer. Others offer case management and special waivers to those with a serious illness or injury.

We encourage you to inquire about whether our services may be covered as part of your plan or as a special benefit in light of your condition. We are happy to speak to your insurance company to describe the content and benefits of your program.

Keep in mind that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. This means the insurer will send the payment directly to you. Therefore, our charges for your care are due at the time of service.

If you have determined that your insurance plan will cover some or all of the treatments that you receive at our Center, we will be happy to provide you with the documentation you need to submit a claim for reimbursement.

If you have questions about fees that are not answered in the above information, please call the Center at 307-733-2950, or write to us at

Keep in mind that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. If you are insured by a plan that we do not have a prior arrangement with, we will prepare and send the claim for you on an unassigned basis. This means the insurer will send the payment directly to you. Therefore, our charges for your care are due at the time of service.

Filing for Reimbursement: Methods for filing vary by company, but generally you will need to mail the claim form provided at check-out (we suggest keeping a copy for yourself) to the address or post office box provided by the insurer or your employer. Our center has “opted-out of Medicare”.

Insurance Requests: If we get requests for additional information, we will forward the request to you along with copies of the requested notes, x-rays, etc. for submission to the insurer. If your insurer requires their form be filled out and submitted, you will need to fill it out and in the section where your practitioner’s signature or specific information is needed write, “see attachment.” Then attach the claim form, notes, x-rays, etc. we provided you and mail them to the insurer. As always, we urge you to make a copy of the information before submitting.

Not Recognized Care: Some of the care provided may not be recognized by your insurance company. Often these claim forms will be returned to you or us with a message like, “in order to process your claim we must have a correct CPT code” or “CPT code not valid”. Some of the services we provide do not have CPT codes, as the codes are set by the conventional medical community. Insurers rarely pay for services without a CPT code. We can provide you with a brief description of these services that you can submit for claim review, in the event you still wish to pursue payment.

Reimbursement Problems: Securing payments for insurance companies can be difficult, whether the services rendered were conventional or “alternative”. Your best bet is to keep close track of what and when you submit to your insurer and challenge or appeal any decision they make which is not explained to your satisfaction. If you are still dissatisfied and believe the insurer has not properly reimbursed you, you have two other options that are occasionally effective:

a) Contact your employer and ask them to intervene on your behalf. They often have more clout with the insurer, since they hire the insurer and pay the bill.

b) Contact your state’s insurance department. They will typically take your complaint directly back to your insurer, asking them to explain why (based on the contract) that something was not covered.

For all other questions about fees and insurance please call our Clinic at 307-733-2950

Next Steps
While you may find this medical information useful, as the next step we strongly recommend that you make an appointment to see our physicians to ensure that your health issues are properly addressed.

To schedule an appointment with our physician, please call 307-733-2950, fill the form below or an email to:

We are currently accepting new patients and sincerely look forward to being your guide to health and wellness!

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