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Skin peels act by removing part of the outer layer of the skin. Over the years many agents have been used to effect this action, most employing naturally occurring acids found in fruit and other foods..These innovative and proven light to medium depth peel formulas effectively treat a variety of skin conditions. All our peels are customized to meet your specific needs. With our peels, oil, dirt, dead and dry skin cells, and bacteria are gently removed in a process that leaves the skin refreshed, lustrous, and clear. This treatment can improve a wide variety of skin conditions including uneven pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, age spots, freckling, refine enlarged pores and control acne. Additionally, these peels have been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving a more youthful appearance.

The procedures we follow are true medical treatments that can only be performed in a medical office. They produce measurable and significant changes in skin texture and appearance. Most importantly, there is no downtime and the patient is able to resume normal activities immediately. Our goal is to provide each client with customized skin care solutions, and Performance Peels provide the results you will love.

Typical conditions that benefit from peels include: Sun damaged skin, Melasma (irregular brown patches), Revitalize dull skin, Reduction of fine lines, Lighten brown patches and “age spots”, Improve and control acne, Refine enlarged pores.

You’ll experience minimal discomfort, though tingling is common. No anesthesia is necessary.

Carefully following our protocol, performance peels are one of the safest age-defying procedures.

Most of our performance peels have no downtime. Some of our deeper peels may require downtime, but Dr. Raju will work with you to optimize your desired results. Afterwards you might notice a slight flushing, like after exercising, for a few hours. Tingling is common for a day or two. Flaking can occur for a few days and is best managed with our recommended skin care products.

Side effects are rare. Some clients may experience tingling, mild redness or slight swelling . It is critical to use Bioactive Cosmeceuticals to get the most value out of your performance peel treatment. An anti-oxidant and a sunscreen is used at the conclusion of your treatment and is essential to use afterwards since the exfoliated skin has temporarily lost some of it?s natural protection from the environment. Avoid sun exposure and tanning.

There is short down time with BLU-U™ Levulan™ acne treatments, but the results are worth it. You will need to remain indoors out of sunlight for 36 hours. You will be red and have some flaking. The majority will clear over one week. We offer a camouflage make-up that you can wear the 3rd day after the treatment.

It’s unlikely that you’ll develop any serious side effects. Red skin is expected. Flaking and some peeling will resolve by end of 1st week. Rarely blistering, or pigmentation changes occur; these are usually temporary. Alsom most patients will experience an acne flare one to two weeks afterward. This is a good sign and will resolve by the 3rd week.

In just a few days you’ll notice brighter skin tone and smoother texture. Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, will lessen gradually with a series of performance peels.

If you’re only using performance peels the effects last a few weeks to months. Periodically you’ll want a refresher treatment. Use of our Bioactive Cosmeceuticals will enhance the duration of benefits.

Absolutely! This is a mild skin rejuvenating treatment. Effects can be dramatic or subtle, but the immediate healthy glow can’t be missed.

The best way to make an informed decision is to schedule your complimentary consultation. You’ll receive a complete skin care evaluation, and most importantly, answers to your questions. Call us.

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