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HCG human chorionic gonadotropin – switches on the pituitary gland which in turn increases testosterone production. HCG is a natural testosterone booster. HCG Therapy is an important and complementary form of male hormone treatment for testosterone deficiency. HCG injection therapy it is also a good alternative to testosterone injections or testosterone creams, gels or patches.

HCG actually stimulates your body’s natural testosterone production to increase testosterone levels boosting testosterone up to a more healthful range. Especially in cases of low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, weight gain or emotional distress caused by low levels of testosterone, a boost in testosterone can be helpful to alleviate symptoms including lack of desire, soft erections or impotence.

HCG is prescribed with your Testosterone Therapy and is also good first step to consider before a complete Testosterone Regimen comprising Bio-Identical Injectable Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) – Testosterone Therapy and is prescribed for the following reasons:

  • HCG helps treat adult men experiencing hypogonadotropic hypogonadism androgen deficiency (hypogonadism secondary to a pituitary deficiency) / Andropause / Sarcopenia / Low T (Testosterone Deficiency) Low Testosterone Levels in Men.
  • HCG help treat adult men who are potential TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) candidates based on symptoms and problems but whose blood test results show Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone levels that may be considered within the so-called “normal range” by many physicians and endocrinologists.
  • Remember: With Testosterone – One man’s normal may be another man’s low.
  • HCG therapy better mimics the body’s own natural physiologic rhythm of testosterone production stimulating the testes and boosting low testosterone levels.
  • HCG therapy is successful and helps to maintain normal testosterone levels when administered properly and when part of an overall male hormone replacement therapy program. Male Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • HCG mitigates estrogen levels. More physiologic testosterone levels minimize excess estrogen production (i.e., reduces aromatization – enzymes that turn testosterone into estrogen in a man’s body) preventing high estrogen related side effects.
  • HCG maintains the normal size of testicles (in contrast, standard Testosterone Replacement Therapy without HCG may shrink the testicles).
  • HCG stimulates sperm production (thereby increasing/restoring fertility). In contrast, standard Testosterone Replacement Therapy without HCG may reduce sperm production.

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