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You can determine whether you have a Migraine headache from the following symptoms:

  • A typical Migraine headache is seen to affect any one side of the head.
  • The intensity of the headache lasts for an hour or two and recedes after that.
  • In some cases a Migraine headache can last up to 24 hours or several days.
  • Accompanying symptoms may be vomiting, sensitivity to light, nausea, hands and feet becoming cold and sensitivity to sound also.
  • Those experiencing migraine with aura, experience a neurological phenomenon characterized by visuals in the forms of zigzag lines, bright shimmering lights around objects or wavy images, hallucination or even temporary loss of vision.
  • Those experiencing migraine with non-visual auras have language abnormalities in speech, motor weakness, tingling or numbness on the face, dizziness and vertigo symptoms.
  • Those experiencing migraine without aura may experience Nausea, vomiting, tiredness, mood changes and sensitivity to light.

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