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If treated early enough, the likelihood is good that the B. burgdorferi spirochete can be completely eliminated with antibiotics, and the bite sufferer completely cured. In a percentage of those who are treated, and additionally in those who don’t know they’ve been infected and who therefore go untreated, the disease can become a chronic condition, accompanied by a complex set of symptoms including fatigue, arthritis, joint pain, heart problems, and neurological problems, among others, that in some cases become debilitating.

There are some “givens” regarding Lyme disease. They are: There are no really good serologic tests for Lyme disease and negative serology does not rule out this disease; the characteristic bull’s-eye skin rash does not always occur; and most cases of proven Lyme disease respond to a 10 day course of doxycycline and have no further difficulty.

It can be diagnosed clinically, in individuals who have excellent chances of exposure to ticks and who develop fatigues, chronic fever, lymphadenopathy, lack of libido, and fleeting skin rashes, days even weeks after exposure to ticks.

The nature of disease progression in Lyme disease can be complex and highly variable, presenting symptoms easily confused with other ailments. Further complicating diagnosis is the possibility of co-infection with other tick-borne diseases carried by the Ixodes tick. If you feel you may have been bitten and have the signature “bulls-eye” rash, or if the rash does not appear but you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, it’s important that you be checked by a knowledgeable doctor about the possibility of Lyme infection. Early detection and treatment are the best means for avoiding the damaging long-term effects of chronic Lyme disease.

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